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Madeline "Maddie" Vann


Hi, I'm Maddie.

I specialize in treating Military and First Responders coping with grief/loss, trauma, and/or addiction/recovery. I have additional training and certification to work with veterans, military, and military dependents. I work with children and teens in the context of family, with the expectation that at least one guardian (preferably everyone in the household) will be an active and present participant in therapy for minors.

The services I offer include:

For Military and First Responders (adults 18+):
· Substance use/recovery counseling
· Trauma/PTSD therapy, including EMDR
· Grief/Loss Counseling
· Trauma-focused yoga and mindfulness practices
· Experiential therapies including Sandtray, Narrative, and Expressive Arts

For Military and First Responder Couples/Families:
· Prepare/Enrich premarital counseling
· Couples’ approaches including Gottman Method and sex therapy
· Systemic Family Therapy
· Play Therapy
· Grief/Loss
· Trauma-informed group and expressive therapies

Philosophically, I am rooted in an existential tradition. I am always working to help my clients achieve their goals of engaged values-driven lives, which often include a greater sense of purpose, connection, and agency. To that end, I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). If you would like to learn more about this therapeutic approach and how it can help you, consider reading the books “The Happiness Trap”, by Russ Harris, or (for couples) “ACT with Love” by Russ Harris.

Sexual Wellness Counseling

Sex and sexuality are an important part of who we are individually and in relationship. The privacy of the therapy office is the perfect place to talk about things that might feel impossible to share with other people in your life.

I work with individuals and couples to address a range of concerns related to sex, including:

    • Talking about sex in general. Many individuals, couples and families struggle to find ways to talk about sex that align with their values and traditions
    • For military and veteran clients, the ways in which experiences of military service, deployment, military life and post-service can impact sexual health and wellbeing
    • Normalizing sexual curiosity through the lifespan
    • Healing from sexual trauma
    • Understanding how prescription medications, supplements, alcohol, nicotine, or other substances might be impacting your sexual health
    • Creating a healthy sex life in recovery from substance use
    • Healing from negative messages, myths and misconceptions about sex that might still be impacting you
    • Coping when one partner desires more sex than another
    • Incorporating body positive and HAES perspectives into sexual health
    • Reinvigorating your sex life with playfulness and creativity
    • Learning how mindfulness and other embodied practices can enhance pleasure and connection
    • Polyamory, open relationships and ethical non-monogamy
    • Adjusting to the ways in which pregnancy/childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, stress, illness, and other facts of life, impact sex
    • Working through challenges such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm, and painful sexual intercourse
    • Addressing compulsive sexual behavior disorders (often more commonly referred to as “sex addiction”)
    • Leaving and healing from sex trafficking or sex work sexperiences
    • Concerns about overuse of pornography
    • Any situation in which you or your partner would like help leaning into a sex life that aligns with your shared goals and value


I work on sexual concerns from a Systemic Sex Therapy model, to achieve your goals in alignment with your values and beliefs. All work is based around the six aspects of sexual health: consent, non-exploitative sex, honesty, shared values, safety and protection, and pleasure.

Many sexual health concerns can be quickly addressed through conversation and learning more about sexual health over the lifespan, or through facilitated conversation and homework in couples counseling. However, some sexual health concerns might take longer or require other members of your medical team to be involved. It is not unusual for therapists who work on sexual health concerns to recommend a medical check-up, review of the possible impacts of any prescription medications/treatments/surgeries, or work with another provider, such as a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor health. Many people also may consider a faith leader to be an important part of their care team. I am committed to working in collaboration with any other team members clients want to include in this work.

I am committed to social justice and am an ally of LBGTQ+ community.

Madeline Vann, LPC, CSAC, RYT200

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