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Couples and Family Counseling

Building Connection and Communication

Currently, Maddie Vann is the only therapist offering couples and family counseling.

Therapy Owls offers couples and family therapy because we acknowledge that people live in the context of their relationships. Almost everything that you might want to address in individual therapy can also be addressed in couples or family therapy.

The evidence based practices we offer for couples are:

    • Gottman Method
    • Trauma-informed couples therapy
    • Addiction/recovery informed couples therapy
    • Sex therapy

Therapy Owls also offers family therapy as a way to help an entire family system support one of more individuals in healing. The modalities that can be used with families include systemic family therapy, play therapy, strengths-based family therapy, existential family therapy, and trauma-informed family therapy to address challenges including addiction and recovery, grief and loss, parenting/coparenting, generational trauma, improving communication and increasing connection. We have a special focus on the concerns of military-affiliated families.

What to Expect

Family and couples therapy is slightly different to individual therapy because no single person is the client. Instead, the couple or family system is the client. As a result, it is preferred to have everyone involved in the situation in the room together for therapy, unless the clinician has agreed with a member of the couple or family to meet individually as part of the process. Your clinician also will likely inform you that clinicians will not ethically keep secrets from other members of the couple or family. Additionally, per the introductory paperwork you will be given, our clinicians do not testify in court or write recommendations for court documentation.

Therapy for couples and families will likely include a lot of conversation, often with the structure and guidance of your clinician, as well as experiential exercises such as art, play, enactments and writing.

While you are part of family or couples therapy, you or others involved may also want to have an individual counselor. Your couples or family therapist will be available to collaborate with that professional to support your goals.

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